Recognized for our exceptional quality

The Ohio Art Company proudly complies with all industry regulations and standards for metal products and metal packaging.

As a leader in metal lithography, our company is:

  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Fully compliant with Ohio EPA regulations governing Lithographic Printing and Coating Operations.
  • Up-to-date on all current air permits.

We also meet or exceed EPA MACT standards to reduce Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS). Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

Maintaining the highest quality standards

Our dedication to quality doesn’t end with our own Quality Assurance programs. We welcome customer Quality Management Systems and GMP audits, and have completed audits with several high-profile companies both directly and indirectly, including:

  • Altria / USST
  • Signature Brands / Coca-Cola
  • G-3 Wine Packaging

In addition, we recently completed an AIB International GMP Inspection as part of our ongoing continual improvement and self-assessment for food-grade materials.

Ohio Art's Awards for Quality

2020 Best of Category, Miscellaneous

Bayonetta & Vanquish

2019 Best of Category, Digital Printing

Tiny Lou’s Tip Tray

2019 Best of Category, Miscellaneous

Killer Klowns

2018 Pressman of the Year

Dennis Sims

2018 Best of Category, Digital Printing

State of Michigan Large Tray

2018 Best of Category, Miscellaneous

Pirates of the Caribbean Steel book

2018 Award of Excellence, Digital Printing

Tennessee Whiskey Small Change Tray

2017 Large Business of the Year

2017 Grand Award

The Killing Joke Batman Steel Book – G&M Media Packaging

2017 Best in Category

The Killing Joke Batman Steel Book – G&M Media Packaging

2017 Best in Category – Digital Printing

21st Amendment Brewery – Rectangular Change Tray

2016 Award of Excellence

Crimson Tide – Allstate Can

2016 Best in Category

Star Wars Steel book – G&M Media Packaging

2016 Metal Decorator of the Year

Terry Wolfe – The Ohio Art Company

2015 Award of Excellence

Pan’s Labyrinth – G&M Media Packaging

2013 Best in Category

Crimson Tide – Allstate Can

2012 Best in Category

Cars 2 DVD Body – G&M Media Packaging

2009 Best in Category

Planet Robot – Popcorn Movie Poster

2009 Best In Category

100th Anniversary Tin – Ohio Art

2008 Grand Award

Devil May Cry Steel Book – G&M Media Packaging

2008 Best In Category

Devil May Cry Steel Book – G&M Media Packaging

2007 Best In Category

Tara License Plate – Desperate Enterprises

2007 Specialty Award of Excellence

Royal XM Rum Tin -Crown Cork & Seal

2005 Specialty Award of Excellence

X-O Brandy Tin Excellence – Crown Cork & Seal

2004 Best In Category

Saturday Evening Post Tin – Can Components

2004 Best In Category

Canadian Club Tin – Crown Cork & Seal

1999 Grand Award

Jack Daniels ’99 Single Box – Crown Cork & Seal

1999 Specialty Award of Excellence

Doral Cigarette Carton Tin – Crown Cork & Seal

1999 1st Place Specialty

Jack Daniels Tin – Crown Cork & Seal

1999 Runner Up

Mark Martin Bugles – Olive Can Company

1998 Specialty Award of Excellence

Millennium Trivia Tin – Independent Can Company

1997 Grand Award

Disney Trivia Tin – Olive Can Company

1997 Specialty Award of Excellence

Disney Trivia Tin – Olive Can Company