Happy 108th Anniversary!

During the past century, Ohio Art has weathered many changes.  Each and every time, Ohio Art has successfully evolved while reaffirming its purpose and responsibility to its customers, employees and local community.

H.S. Winzeler, who founded of Ohio Art in 1908, would be pleased with how the company has embraced its roots and core competencies as experts in decorative metal lithography.  It was in 1912 that Mr. Winzeler installed the companies first metal decorating lithography machine.  If the saying is true that history repeats itself, then after 108 years, statistically, coming full circle is not unusual.  In many ways, it is a new beginning, in another, an affirmation of a business well managed.

From humble beginnings in an old abandoned band hall in Archbold, Ohio, to a world-class manufacturer of decorated metal lithography, Ohio Art’s team of dedicated and talented professionals continue the companies long history of innovation and change; embracing the next big thing with open arms.

Happy 108th Anniversary Ohio Art!