Ohio Art: A Premier Metal Lithography Service Center

Ohio Art continues to drive forward with its goal to become America’s premier Metal Lithography Service Center.  In addition to the 108 years of quality in metal lithographic printing that Ohio Art brings to the table, the company is branching out to bring other relevant vendors and partners in house and on site in the Bryan, Ohio facility.

Already added to our service center are Reece Brothers and G & M Media Packaging. Reece Brothers is a complete source for graphic arts needs from prepress to printing.  In business since 1963, Reece Brothers prides themselves on providing dependable, accurate, on-time products from their highly skilled and highly courteous staff.  Customer service and professionalism are at the forefront for this company.  Reece Brothers fits into the Ohio Art service continuum by providing in house prepress services including printing plates and proofing.

As an example of the effectiveness of this in house collaboration, another customer located on site is G&M Media Packaging.  Founded in 1993, G&M is a quality focused company who is a leader in innovative packaging options including personal care items, paints and even DVD Steel books. G&M has been partnering with Ohio Art since 2009. Reece Brothers starts the cycle for G&M by handling prepress graphic work, providing proofs and plates, Ohio Art then prints the award winning metal steel books in a premium package for DVDs and games.

Additionally, entering into the mix within the next few months will be TPC Metals, LLC, a steel service center bringing over 65 years of quality, service and reliability.  TPC Metals is the oldest tin mill service center in North America.  Their processing facility in Canton, Ohio is relocating to Bryan, Ohio to be on-site with Ohio Art.

All of these improvements are part of Ohio Art’s strategy to provide the best service to our customers.  Creating a service center will allow us to offer in house capability to customers who need both metal shearing and metal decorating while also cutting down on shipping costs and reducing turn-around time.  Adding TPC metals completes a full circle in the lithography business to allow Ohio Art to be a complete metal service center from start to finish offering steel, pre-press metal shearing and metal lithography.