Capability Expansion Continues

Ohio Art has been in the business of Metal Lithography for 108 years.  During that length of time, it’s easy to end up with a few favorite items.  Working on national brand items such as M&M Mars and Jack Daniels have made us feel proud that we were able to be an important part of their brand history.  Our metal lithography process can boast that it is Made in America from start to finish.  Most of our ink and steel are received from other American companies near Chicago and Pittsburgh.

For the metal lithography created by Ohio Art, the level of difficulty does not stop in the creation of beautiful artwork.  For high end items for clients such as Godiva Chocolatier, Tommy Hilfiger, or any of the cosmetic lines, these customers have a very stringent standard for levels of quality.  Some projects are very difficult to produce on metal.  These items command a high retail price in the marketplace.  Perfection is expected.  This stays in line with Ohio Art’s personal expectation of quality and zero tolerance for anything less than perfection.

Ohio Art currently uses a 4 Color press and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a 6 Color Press later this year.  What will the impact be of this change in machinery and why is it an important and exciting change?  Currently, a good portion of our business is more than 4 prints.  Some of our jobs require 12 prints or more in order to reach the end product.  Using a four color press, that means the product has to go through the printer four times before it is done.