Working for Shared Success

Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” At Ohio Art, our success as a premier metal lithography company is due to each and every one of our employees. Their hard work, loyalty and great ideas have made our company and our community strong.

Our secret sauce is not so secret. We live by the Golden Rule, treating each other as we’d like to be treated. There are a million management books lining bookshelves and bookstores across America. And while there is discipline and yes, even some science, in successful management, over our 100 year history, it’s become clear that respect is the common thread of success.

Our employees deliver on our customer promises and our processes support their efforts. From double and triple quality checks to growing employment in our hometown, we stand together taking pride in jobs well done.

Ohio Art’s employees teach others, increase their skills and grow into jobs they once dreamed of. Longevity speaks volumes at Ohio Art. On average, an employee will be with the company 25 years. Many have been with us for 50! Our values – customer commitment and community support – are alive and well at Ohio Art. And we couldn’t be happier about it!