Making Memories on Metal

Metal Lithography is simply printing on metal. Many everyday items that you have in your home are prime examples of metal litho in action. Have you enjoyed a tin of popcorn recently? Do you have a DVD steelbook for your favorite movie? The chances are high that those examples of “Art in Metal” were printed by us.

Our specialty is premium packaging. We are food grade certified, meaning we meet and exceed the rigorous requirements needed for the food industry to preserve foods.

From our headquarters and facilities in Bryan, Ohio, Ohio Art produces metal lithography for products across almost every consumer industry. For more than 100 years, as a premier metal lithographer, Ohio Art’s work has graced popcorn tins, food containers, metal signs, toys and products of everyday use.

Today, our food grade certification means that the company has surpassed the safety rigors of the food industry. Ohio Art has stood the test of time, just like many of your favorite products.